Many fluids, semi-solids and powders can be seriously contaminated by
moisture and process by products. Most materials stored in tanks or drums which
are either located in the open and vented to atmosphere or are located in the
process area can be affected by materials used in the same area.

We offer a range of valved reservoir breathers to provide a high level of
protection to a wide range of materials.

These Reservoir Breathers come prefilled with Molecular Sieve plus a
mix of Indicating Silica gel which turns green at saturation. It is fitted
with two way relief valves which remain closed until a pressure
difference occurs extending the life of the Desiccant substantially.

TypeThreadDimensionsWeight(g)Water Absorption(g)Air Filter Elements
ODL1L2TotalDesiccantFilterMicron RatingMax Air Flow Rate
DTDV-1Male 3/4" BSP821652098013640Fibre3 Micron21 CFM 594L/m
DTDV-2Male 3/4” BSP82235201300365138Fibre3 Micron752L/m
DTDV-3Male 1-1/4” BSP128265>252700665252Fibre3 Micron1500L/m


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