PC-TB1900 (Suit 6MVA)


Protecting Distribution Transformers from the ingress of moisture laden air as the system cools
and the pressure drops is critical. Moisture entering the unit will reduce the insulating quality of
the Cooling Oil in the conservator tank and weaken the dielectric strength of the winding
insulation material, eventually leading to arc-over followed by a complete failure and shutdown
of the system. It is essential, therefore, that a very low level of humidity is maintained in the air
space in the top of the conservator tank. Transformer Breathers provide an economic and
efficient means of controlling the level of moisture entering the conservator tank during the
change in volume of the cooling medium and/or airspace caused by temperature gradients.

All of our Transformer Breathers are filled with Envirogel, (early warning moisture level
indicator) which is a self-indicating silica gel desiccant. Two colour indicators are available:
Orange to Green or Blue to Pink at saturation. All of the “PC” Series Breathers are made from
tough Polycarbonate material UV Stabilised and can be used repeatedly throughout the life
of the Transformer. They are equipped with an integrated two way low pressure set of relief
valves which are maintenance free for the life of the Breather. No more messy “Oil Bowl”
valves. No more contamination of the Desiccant. Just unscrew the Breather, remove the filter
and O-ring seal, empty the saturated Desiccant and refill it. End of story!

Selection Guide

The following data should be used for the basic selection of a transformer breather.
In order to assess the size of the breather the air volume above the oil in the conservator tank
is the most important factor. The quantity of oil and the transformer rating is of secondary
importance. A simple manifold allows breathers to be connected in parallel which increases
the capacity and allows you to standardise on the Low cost “PC” series. It also increases
intervals between desiccant changes.

Part No.Max Oil ContentTransformer RatingAir SpaceDesiccant ChargeApprox Charge Life
LitresMVAVol. LitresGramsDays


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    PC-TB1900 (Suit 6MVA)